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Model 1 - A 2 meter model solely to demonstrate a coilgun with no energy storage and rapid fire capability.
It will comprise of a 1.8kw 3-phase petrol generator that powers 2x1m barrel sections (both at 50hz).
Tests will include:
Half and full power tests.
Single and both barrel section tests (demonstrating that a longer barrel with the same power supply results in a faster muzzle velocity),
Different projectile masses, lengths and designs.

No vacuum or airlock.
The speed will be low due to being limited to 50Hz.

Model 2 - More power (3 phase mains from a warehouse or large 3 phase generator).
Longer, between 5 and 20m, with multiple sections.
Multiple frequency settings.
Loading system for rapid and consistent firing.
Possibly include a vacuum but no airlock.

Create a detailed and mathematically verified final design.
Create a 3D model (solidworks software) of the entire system, site. This can be used to create design blueprints, imaging and a video presentation.
Create simulations of various orbit insertions, autonomous docking procedures and sub orbital trajectories.
Create a full business plan - Low risk, firm project cost and timeline, using only well proven technology, high return with known reliable customers (governments and Space-X), potential profit and power of creating and leading a huge new market.

Approach Australian, UK and USA governments.

Model 3 - High speed (3.5km/s) low mass (0.5g).
This will be the main part of our public demonstration.
The speed will be newsworthy and record breaking.
3.5km/s is 10 times the speed of sound and is faster than any bullet, missile, aircraft or railgun and will easily get into space (although not orbit).
This is a valuable product in itself for aerodynamic and turbulence research and can be used to test heatshield methods for the final design.

Model 4 - Full speed (10km/s) low mass (0.5g).
By far the fastest man made projectile.
Again very newsworthy
Perfect proof of concept for investors and governments. Simple and low risk to scale up the same design.
Used to perfect our heatshield design.
Extremely valuable to aerospace companies and governments.

Build 2 full size and fully functional projectiles (one "Smart and one "Dumb") to show at the public demonstration.
Utilizing GPS navigation, Hydrogen Peroxide (H2O2) fuel and distributed electronics.
It could be as small as 200mm wide by 2m long.
They will demonstrate the ability to automatically dock and share fuel payloads and thrusters.
Software fully tested in a simulation. Thrusters tested on a jig. Heatshield tested via a blowtorch or rocket engine exhaust. Distributed electronics and communications tested via high altitude balloons (or use systems already tested by other people). G-Force resistance tested on a jig or rocket sled.
Use an external aerodynamic design that has already been proven/simulated by other people (at hypersonic speeds).

Get quotes from several companies to build a 10m section of full size (200mm) barrel including quantity discount options. These quotes will become part of our business plan.
Select a company and place an order to build a single 10m section.
Add power and control systems ourselves and test it using the full size projectile. Speed is not important, just that is works and how much it costs to build.

Create videos and presentation materials.
Approach well known scientists to lend their support/comments or become board members of the project as done by the Breakthrough Starshot project. Freeman Dyson would be perfect. Try Neil DeGrasse Tyson, Bill Nye, Michio Kaku, former NASA employees/astronauts etc.

Privately approach companies and investors who may be interested (western countries only).

Organize a public demonstration to gain media and investor attention.
The model will break world records and be a major news story.
We will be fully prepared with a business plan, website and PR team to handle the media and to talk to any potential investors that come forward.

Update videos and presentations with media coverage and feedback.
Continue to actively approach and present to potential investors and western governments.
In the unlikely event that no investors can be secured crowd funding may be an option, possibly with a smaller scale plan or just for further tests.