Mission Statement:

To create a low risk, high profit company transporting cargo to Low Earth Orbit at a fraction of the current price.
To begin operations on a fixed timeline and on budget using only current well proven technology.

The Problem

Even with full reusability rockets are inherently inefficient, expensive, high risk and have limited launch frequency.

At the current cost per kg to orbit many great space based opportunities and businesses are just not feasible or profitable.
If the price dropped to $100/kg then businesses would take advantage of the enormous opportunities and a new commercial space age would begin.

The Solution

Electromagnetic coilguns have been proposed and proven to be capable of launching at the required velocity (NASA, Sandia/Lockheed Martin etc.).

Several recurring difficulties have been cited which our plan solves or completely avoids.

Our solution will provide:

  • - Extremely low cost launch to orbit (robust payloads only)
  • - An orbital refuelling station
  • - Unlimited total payload per year
  • - Fast turnaround from order to launch
  • - Very safe, reliable and robust

The Plan

Use only current well proven technology and materials. This will minimise risk, reduce R&D costs and maintain a firm short timeline.

Build a full speed scale model and a low speed full size section and fully functional projectile. Experimentally prove every part of the system.

Secure government cooperation and possibly private investment and build it.
Begin operations selling fuel, water, bulding materials and other commodities in Low Earth Orbit and on the Moon.
(NASA, ESA, JAXA, SpaceX, Blue Origin and others already require huge amounts of fuel and building materials for their planned missions.)

Problems and Solutions

  • Humans and satellites cannot withstand the high G-Forces of a coilgun.

    True. We will only launch robust cargos such as rocket fuel, water and building materials.
    People, satellites and fragile equipment will still need to use rockets.

  • The atmosphere is too thick and will destroy the projectile.

    Ablative heatshields are capable of this task as demonstrated by all spacecraft re-entry heatshields (aside from the Space Shuttle).
    Studies by NASA have confirmed that ablative heatshields are capable of this exact task.
    The projectiles only need to survive a single one minute trip through the atmosphere. They will not be reused (they will be recycled and sold in space as building materials).

  • You cannot fire directly into a stable orbit.

    Correct. The projectile will contain small and simple navigation and propulsion systems to correct its course into a stable orbit.
    The coilgun will fire horizontally to minimise the fuel required. This has been calculted to be less than 10kg of fuel for a 1000kg projectile.

  • Switching very large currents very quickly and accurately is problematic.

    That would only be necessary for a DC reluctance coilgun.
    Our design uses a superconducting quenchgun, as previously proposed by NASA. This also gives us over 90% efficiency!

  • The energy storage requirement is too large and expensive or beyond current technology.

    Our system does not require ANY energy storage which indeed is usually the hardest, most expensive, and a high risk part of any coilgun or railgun design.
    ALL of the energy is stored in the supersonducting coils before launch. These can then be recharged slowly by a standard and small generator (or quickly by a larger generator).

  • The cost will spiral out of control.

    Our philosophy of only using current and well proven technology means that very little R&D is required. Our detailed business plan will include actual quotes for every part required. This also means that the construction timeline will be quite firm and have little reason to increase.

  • You should launch from a mountain top.

    Launching from a mountain brings with it a host of huge problems and expenses.
    We have a better solution.


There is nothing more powerful
than an idea whose time has come.

Victor Hugo

It always seems impossible
until it's done.

Nelson Mandela

Latest News

$20,000 private funding secured

We are very pleased to announce that we have secured $20,000 of funding from a private investor towards the first stage of our project. This will enable us to create a technical 3D presentation video to help us recruit the people we need and secure further investment.